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Men need a little love too!

Do men get Botox? The answer is YES! Men are actually treated with neurotoxin a little differently than women. The goal with men is to soften the deeper lines and have more movement than women. Men's muscles are a bit stronger so they will require more Botox than women.

What to expect at your first Botox appointment:

-We get a full health history and screening

-Do an assessment of how strong your facial muscles are during animation

-Cleanse the area we will treat and mark for injection

-We use a vibrating tool to distract from the "poke"

-The procedure takes about 5-10 min

Things to remember after:

-No working out for 48 hours

-No extreme heat ie. Saunas, hot tubs

-No massaging the area

-Don't go upside down for 4 hours after

-It takes 3-7 days for the toxin to kick in

-We'll see you back in 2 weeks for your follow up

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