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Are you Holiday ready?

Whether you are already singing Christmas music or you are dreading the

infamous holiday rush, they are coming…are you ready?

Now, when we’re talking ready, we’re talking fillers, botox and all the skin prep! Necessities am I right? It’s November, time to get that Botox touch up so you are ready to go in two weeks.

If you’re due, or ready to try something new, add on filler to your

holiday preparation appointment. You will want to do any filler at least two weeks

prior to any events or get togethers so you can look refreshed and make them


Last but definitely not least… come see us for a Microgold treatment!

Microgold, also known as the “Filter Facial” is specifically to get your skin event

ready. A mini-micro-needle session with a mix of Botox, B12 and Hyaluronic acid

will make your skin glow to perfection. The count down is on my friends, come

see us and get glowing!

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