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Dry, cracking skin is not in!

Dry skin, especially in these next few months can be hard to avoid BUT we do have some tips and tricks to share! To alleviate or prevent dry skin, maintaining hydration is key! Opt for a fragrance-free, gentle moisturizer containing ingredients like hyaluronic acid or glycerin. These help attract and retain moisture in the skin. Applying the moisturizer to damp skin after you've washed your face can help lock in hydration as well. Additionally, staying well-hydrated internally by drinking ALL your water, supports your skin's hydration. You can also avoid super hot showers, as they can strip your natural oils... try out some lukewarm water instead. Consistent hydration, both internal and external, will help to maintain a nourished complexion and combate that winter dry skin.

Don't forget about our IV Therapies and our new addition, Skinvive! Skinvive is a microdropplet that is injected to help your skin maintain hydration and a plump, glows appearance!

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