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Fun in the Sun 101

Summer is finally here and we are all ready to be outside enjoying some

sunshine with friends and family. Here are some easy tips for you to

remember this summer to help you protect your skin and investment. Your

future self will thank you!

SUNSCREEN- I mean obviously, right? But when it comes to sunscreen, it

matters what you're putting on your skin as a protection barrier. EltaMD is

our go to for body and face protection. EltaMD is medical grade, zinc

based, broad spectrum sunscreen that works with all skin types. For face,

it comes in both tinted and non tinted, lays great under makeup and gives a

perfect base for those non makeup days.

SUNNIES- Find your favorite pair of sunglasses, the bigger the better my

friends. The skin around our eyes is more vulnerable to sun damage and

wrinkles, the less we squint…. less wrinkles! For all my botox lovers, less

squinting will help that botox last longer as well. Its a win win.

HATS- Give me all the hats. Sun hats, baseball hats, Panama and bucket

hats… they all will help protect your face from harmful sun rays and act as

a natural barrier.

LIPS- don’t forget those lips! Your face sunscreen will do that job, just top

that with your favorite chapstick! don’t forget to reapply!

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