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What Antioxidants do for your Skin

Everyone talks about the power of antioxidants, but what benefits do they really provide for our skin?

For starters, antioxidants protect your skin from environmental radicals and stressors like pollution. This helps prevent skin damage. Antioxidants can help brighten your skin tone which is always a plus, and calm irritation and redness. While protecting the skin from irritants and helping to calm the skin, antioxidants can reduce acne and breakouts. All these benefits, including reducing signs of aging like fine wrinkles and helping keep skin moisturized.

Here at Renova, we have our very own Vita CE. Formulated to perfection! We use it every morning! It goes on light and soothes the skin, wears great under make up or on makeup free days. It's a staple. Reach out to us to get some Vita CE in your daily routine!

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