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Essential Skincare

What does “good” skincare entail? Here is a good way to remember some of the basic things your skin needs to look it’s best.

A- Use a medical grade Retin-A or retinoid

B - Always wear a Sun Block. One that is oil free and medical grade, preferably

C- Vitamin C serum or antioxidant

Everything on top of that is gravy! There are different things that you can use to hydrate or help with discoloration, but these 3 are a must for all skin types.

I’m happy to go over any and all your skin care products and we can come up with a plan for what would be best for you and your skin. I’m a big believer in using what you have and I can help you do that.

Here are my must have favorites:

A - Avē Tretinol 5%

B - Elta MD UV Clear SPF 46

C - Avē Vita CE

If you have questions, please reach out and let’s come up with a plan for you and your skin to look it’s very best!

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