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Falling in love with your skin

The seasons are changing, and with that, so should your skin care routine and products. The fall brings a more dry climate and environment, so moisturizing is going to be key. Adding in a thicker moisturizer (Avē Peptide Renewal) will allow your skin to soak in more hydration overnight. Switching to a hydrating cleanser will keep from stripping your skin of its natural barriers. Continue to exfoliate, but avoid harsh scrubs. As alwasy, continue to hydrate by drinking lots of water! The number one thing to continue is ALWAYS wearing sunscreen, even on cloudy and cold winter days.

In the fall and winter months we may want to adjust our skin treatments and procedures as well. The good news is, you have more options since most of us are not outside soaking up the sun all day in the fall and winter. Think peels, lasers and resurfacing! Some of our favorites are the ViPeel, IPL lighten and brighten laser treatment, microneedling and Morpeus8. Following any of those treatments with a HydraFacial would be amazing for your skin!

So there you have it! Let’s fall in love with our skin again this season!

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1 Comment

Karen Vazquez
Karen Vazquez
Sep 12, 2023

I will definitely be picking up a peptide renewal for this fall season! Nice info!

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