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How to get your Botox to last longer!

Once you start Botox, you’ll never go back…. so how can we extend the effects of our Botox and go longer between appointments?

Here are some tips to get the most out of your Botox!

Sun Protection- Sun damage can cause inflammation. Inflammation on a cellular level can cause your Botox to break down at a quicker rate. If nothing else, that daily SPF is your go to!

Sun Glasses or Hats- The more we use the muscles in our face, the quicker that Botox will

break down. Facial tension, such as squinting can be avoided with use of sunglasses, wearing your reading glasses, a sun hat, ect.

High Intensity workouts in moderation- Yes, I said it… find a balance in your work out routine.

Anything that really increases your metabolism is going to break down Botox at a faster rate.

You can use this as an excuse for some low impact training to be added into your week! You’re welcome!

Skin Care Products matter- Use quality skin care. Period. The stronger and healthier your skin is, the less likely for wrinkles to form in the first place. Collagen boosting ingredients like retinol are so important for graceful aging and cell turnover.

Hydrate, Hydrate, Hydrate- Just like with everything else in life, drinking water will help. The

more hydrated you are, the longer your Botox will last and the healthier your skin will be. Along with your water intake, use a high quality moisturizer.

Namaste- Keep the stress levels low. Many of us hold tension in our face without even realizing it. TMJ or Migraines anyone? Those issues are typically stress induced. So relax, let those muscles chill out, and you will enjoy the effects of your botox longer.

There you have it, some simple and easy ways to extend that Botox Investment!

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