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Peel Season is here!

Peel and Laser season is here y’all! Some people are sad to say goodbye to summer, but in our world this is our Super Bowl! Now that the sun is more minimal, we can start shedding that dead skin and repairing the damage to our skin from the summer months.

Our peels range in intensity depending on what you want to target specifically. Apart from our ViPeels, we also offer PRX which is a ‘no peel’ peel! If you are someone who cannot take some time to physically shed that skin, the PRX is for you, with zero downtime.

If you’re someone who doesn’t love a good peel but would like to address some summer damage and get your skin glowing again, Microneedling is a good option, along with our IPL laser. Our IPL laser is great for targeting sun spots and sun damage! Mirconeeding can induce more collagen production, pore size, texture, etc.

Whatever your style is… summer skin is built in the winter!

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